Salt Lamps

Our natural Pink Himalayan salt lamps are beautiful night or day, offering a lovely orange/pink glow suitable for any environment. ​
We also carry a range of salt lamps in pink, grey, and white, in various shapes and sizes. 


Cooking Tiles

Salt Tiles can be used for cooking, curing, serving, or as a great conversation starter. Food can be cooked directly on salt tiles while heated in a grill or oven, cure things for days or season anything from salmon to apples in minutes. Use them as a decorative serving platter to start your dinner party off with a twist. Salt tiles can be cleaned by running them under water briefly, toweling off, and letting air dry, reusable countless time. Enjoy a little taste of Pink Himalayan Salt, a natural healthy alternative to traditional table salt, ​from The Austin Salt Cave. 



  • Himalayan Salt Shot Glass Set
  • ​Himalayan Salt Sole Jars
  • ​Salt Purifying Bar
  • ​Salt Inhaler