"Had pneumonia and asthma in my early childhood. This still lingers and flares up during long Central Texas allergy seasons (all year). Before finding this salt cave, I had only been able to really on the same prescription pharmaceuticals my doctors prescribed me. That was before going here every other week: clears me right up!

If you want your allergy problem, headache, and worrying to go away: go to the Austin Salt Cave today!

Only takes under an hour and you're good to go! In the long run, this was a better decision that tons of allergy meds (makes me sick thinking about it).

Try it today, you will NOT be disappoint." 

- Gordon W

"I took my son here for his allergies and asthma. The staff was very courteous and professional. We purchased a month membership and most of the time we sat by ourselves in the salt cave. Sitting in the salt cave was helpful for removing mucous in the throat and sinuses caused by allergies or sickness. I felt an immediate difference even though my allergies were mild compared to my son's. I also recommend drinking water during and after sitting in the salt cave. Overall, the salt cave was a great natural option for allergy season and prevented some of the congestion that often times leads to respiratory infections."

- Camille H

"My son and I frequent the Austin Salt Cave. It has been a tremendous help for his asthma and my allergies. The owners are extremely helpful, courteous, and engaging. The atmosphere is very relaxing and we enjoy both the experience and health benefits. "

- Tom K

"Incredible environment and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Jack, the owner, and Colt do a great job explaining the benefits of salt therapy. They were both very friendly and helpful the entire time. I got some shot glasses made entirely of salt and I absolutely love drinking tequila out of them. I highly recommend this place! "

- Willis N

"We LOVE this place!!! my son had developed some sort of allergies and asthma like symptoms recently. After our first visit, he had his first full quiet night of sleep (I could hear his calm respiratory system sounding normal again). Salt has been used for centuries and I'm glad these guys have recreated this healing space. Highly recommend for anyone sick or well!"

- Luiza R

"Jack and the crew are always so accommodating, and the atmosphere here is very peaceful. The haliotherapy sessions have been great for my sinus issues, and they have also improved my overall skin health. The cave is comfortable and relaxing, and truly a wonderful place to attend sessions. I highly recommend it!"

- Oscar E

"I LOVE the Austin Salt Cave. When allergies begin to take hold of me I head to the Salt Cave. A friend recommended the ASC when I was miserable. After a few sessions I felt like myself again. Now I don't wait..I go to Austin Salt Cave at the first sign of allergies or a cold. And it's relaxing! Get thee to the Austin Salt Cave."

- E. Walden 

"This healing 'tool' is amazing! It's so helpful on many levels, unlike other modalities. The process of inhaling the salt assists with healing anything that it comes in contact with, including skin. The atmosphere offers a deep relaxation, quiet, soft music, unassuming employees so you can heal your Spirit as well. I highly recommend this experience to anyone, including children."

- Peggy A

"Very relaxing, soothing, and peaceful...my respiratory problems lessened and I left the session so very relaxed and peaceful! I highly recommend this therapy!"

- Terrie C 

"My experience at the Salt Cave was excellent. The Singing Bowl Lady was there the night I went and it was great!"

- Nancy C 

"Had a very enjoyable experience at the salt cave. They are very knowledgeable and helpful."

- Tammy L 

"Love this place! It is so good for your lungs and entire body to relax in salt air....that is why in the old days lung patients were sent to hospitals on the beach ! Try it you will LOVE it and the benefits to your body !!!!"

- Anon.