Breathe Clean with the GREEN SCREEN


Replaces Standard Filters


A straight replacement for your nasty, old filters: foam, pleated, or washable. Whether in the closet unit, in the wall or ceiling, or attic, the GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN is ideal for almost any application, and at a comparable cost.

Triple Action Filtration


The GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN has 3 different zones of filtering. Large particles get caught in the first layer, medium particles are wrangled by the front of the green layer, and fine particles are trapped on the back of the green layer.

Custom Sizes


Do you have an older system that you just can't find filters for anymore? Each GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN filter is custom made, so your filter will be custom made to fit your odd size filter location.   

Energy Savings


The  GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN filters the air effectively, while having superior airflow characteristics compared to an ultra-allergen filter. By maintaining better airflow, this allows your hvac unit to function properly, thus reducing the amount of electricity used to move air.

Reduced System Wear


With the  GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN, hvac systems are freed to work the way in which they were designed. By not imposing unnecessary wear and tear on the system, extending the lifespan of your unit.

Allergen Filtration


While the Austin Salt Cave is here to aid you in the alleviation of respiratory issues, indoor allergens/pollutants in your home might be inhibiting that process. The  GRΞΞN SCRΞΞN helps to cut down on these in-home issues, with most users noticing a 50% reduction in dust around their homes. It's what we use in our homes.

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