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Just getting over a cold that I think started out with a reaction to the high mold count and since I am planning a trip soon I wanted to see if it could help. Interesting that I had no more runny nose or phlegm from coughing and after my session yesterday I started seeing some of it again. The waiver that I signed did state that as the salt helps heal your lungs that this could happen. It was very relaxing and I do plan on going back soon.

Liesel Krach

As a visitor from Illinois, my trip to the Salt Cave was a gift from my granddaughter. I went for a session on Monday with my daughter and granddaughter. As an asthmatic, I found it to be VERY helpful. I went back on Tuesday to purchase a salt lamp.

Ron Bogart

I had a chance to visit the Salt Cave and interview its owner. Fascinating benefits that this holistic health solution can provide! I wish I had been prepared to try it out!

Heather Ann Koehn

Have just completed 19th session since Aug. 16 in concentrated attempt to address long term chronic chest congestion and allergy related issues. Am experiencing significant positive results. Highly recommend for persons experiencing similar health issues.

Wynn Presson

It was an experience you don't want to miss!! The singing bowls were awesome in the cave!!

Mark Willmore

Support local business! Many products to choose from, helpfull staff. Right in Lakeway!

Randy Burrows

Jack and Tressa are friends of ours at Backdraft Pizzieria and told us about thier new venture so Izak and I went into Salt Cave today and tried our very first salt therapy! I fell asleep while doing the session so you know its relaxing if I am put to sleep. I loved taking deep breathes so I could take in the salt and we felt great after. Worth a try ! Scarlett Rock

Izak Rock

Did my very first session today. Interesting concept, relaxing and soothing. I'm interested in trying multiple session to see if a can detect change.
Thanks for taking time to talk about the benefits of salt and the many salt products you carry.

Harry Deitz